What are multifocal and accommodating lenses Srbijan sexy chat

24-Sep-2018 09:44

Accommodating IOLs can be used in refractive cataract surgery for cataract patients or they can be used in refractive lens exchange (RLE) for people who don't have cataracts, but want lens-based vision correction surgery to reduce the need for reading glasses.

Accommodating IOLs reduce the need for reading glasses by increasing the magnifying power of the eye in response to focusing effort (a process called accommodation).

Currently available accommodating IOLs do not correct astigmatism, but several options exist for the correction of astigmatism after accommodative IOL surgery, including standard LASIK, custom LASIK (also called wavefront LASIK), PRK, and other laser vision correction procedures.

Another option is a non-laser procedure called limbal relaxing incisions.

But these lenses work differently than the eye's natural lens.

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The aspheric design of the Acry Sof lenses helps to minimize aberrations and enhance vision clarity.

Because there is only one focusing distance in the lens, there is no loss of quality of distance vision (unlike a multifocal).

However, accommodating IOLs do not provide the same range of focus as young eyes, and may not allow you to see at very close distances without reading glasses, like you can with multifocal IOLs.

The technology functions very much the same as progressive eyeglasses and multifocal contact lenses.

The difference is that the lens is surgically implanted in the eye and offers a permanent, maintenance-free solution to presbyopia.Keep in mind that a multifocal solution does require something of a compromise with regard to clarity of distance vision.