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But we know that the town existed much earlier than Russia’s Christian period, inhabited by Finno-Ugric peoples, the main one of which still exists today under the name Mordva.

It is just that this town, located on the main tributary of the wide and long Oka River, appears during the thirteenth century as an eastern outpost of Russia, where chronicles were kept.

Later Kadom’s status would wane as a regional center, and become subordinate to these different provinces in turn, ending up before the beginning of the twentieth century under the administration of Tambov—as was Kursk, where St. The name of the city is clearly not Slavic in origin.

For example: The thirteenth century saw the settlement of nomadic Tatars into the fertile pastures along the Moksha River.Photo: Daria Sofronova-Simeonoff Although precise information about the early life of our holy father Herman of Alaska is scarce, and recent research has discovered new facts that were previously unknown to us, it has been established that St.Herman came from the town of Kadom, now in Ryazan Province.In any case, this is an early example of an asian invader’s conversion to the religion of the Russians, and their peaceful life together.

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It also marks the beginning of the transfiguration of people from pagan darkness to the light of Christ in the land of Kadom.This would make sense because of the town’s strategic position as a meeting point between the Slavs from the west, and the Tatars, Volga Bulgars, Polovsti, and Mordva in the east.