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20-Sep-2018 01:31

I lost my coat during the stay and before I left Nottingham the staff contacted me to say they had found it which a lot of hotels wouldn't have bothered to do.

Nice room although we paid £40 more than my friend for the same room.

Also when the above rooms either flush the toilet or empty the bath the noise from the bathroom was unacceptable The bed was dirty. However I think this blocked the plug a bit as the water didn't drain away well.

I reported this and the front desk were eager to please and very helpful.

Was also awoken at 2am when a nearly nightclub emptied and there was noise outside - would have expected that on a Friday/Saturday night - but this was a Tuesday!

Always a warm welcome (although sometimes the busyness of reception means a short wait for attention).

I'm not sure if it was just not fixable but the plug continued to drain incredibly slowly for the rest of my trip.

Also, there are signs indicating mercures environmentally friendly attitude buy every day my shower cap, shower gel and soap were thrown away.

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As there was a gap in the door .(This I told the reception on leaving) when the bathroom door to the bedroom was shut the noise was much less. The hotel is steeped in history and there's a pretty good pub connected to the hotel which is always a bonus. Stayed in room 405 and the noise outside is ridiculous I understand that sat nights get busy but surely you should have somethig in place drown the noise out. The shower head was clogged with black and when a bit fell on me I scraped some of it off.

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