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Rock introduces his buddy Gabe, a portly local salesman who sold Rock a dog.

" It's noon on a sunny Thursday in Troy, seat of Pike County.

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As we get closer, they get jittery, walking in circles around one another, grunting and crashing."Let me knock this one out with my 9-mil first," Rock says, reaching into his holster. Rock hands a rifle to Audrey, showing her where to aim at the blond boar. " she says, sticking the gun into the cage and firing. "That's unbelievable."Everyone surveys the damage. "The blond one is pretty," says Audrey."Pretty dead," Rock says with a chuckle.He points the pistol between one of the sow's eyes. It collapses and writhes on the ground, running in place on its side for several seconds, its hooves rattling the cage. "Well, there's some excitement to get the day started!