Crossover dating sim

04-Sep-2017 07:46

Like all popular properties, the Ninja Turtles have done their share of crossovers.

They've met all kinds of characters and rubbed elbows with so many different franchises.

The government brings in the Turtles to investigate, while at the same time, the Mysterymen start their own investigation.

The two sides collide, befriend each other, and then fight fire ghosts, a werewolf, and other ridiculous things.

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Miyamoto Usagi became the Alien to the Ninja Turtles' Predator.Otherwise known as the star of "that once-beloved barbarian aardvark comic that went off the rails once Sim grew to hate women." In the story, we're introduced to Renet, a time-travel witch with no pants who acts as an apprentice to a strict master, who she's deathly afraid of.After screwing up, she steals a magic scepter and hides out in 1986 New York City, immediately coming into contact with the Turtles.I’m also hoping that overseas audiences will carry on the tradition of playing Popolo Crois with their children and bringing the series into a new generation." This article may contain links to online retail stores.

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