Are funny women intimidating

31-Dec-2017 06:04

He may worry that every conversation is going to be a lecture rather than a sharing of ideas.

Similarly, men may feel as though they’re walking through an emotional minefield and worry about accidentally triggering a reprimand or tirade because of an off-the-cuff comment, poorly chosen word, or a miscommunication.

He may feel as though he’s going to have to put on a performance in order to keep up with her.

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This isn’t to say that there’s something wrong with being high-energy or being a tomboy, just that there can be a fine line between being energetic and outgoing and being obnoxious. He may mistake an interest in a discussion or debate for being scolded or even talked down to.

Olivia Munn may be a geek , but how is average Joe Nerd supposed to compete with the celebrities she meets on a daily basis?

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